KiQ 9 - Thriving

Three queer people reflect on surviving and even thriving in the wake of violence.


Carrie: In my mind, the impetus for this episode began during a talk-back at a Women’s Studies conference when Avery, who was my student at the time, suggested that KiQ explore the relationship of violence to queerness.

Avery: At the time, I had already been doing research into violence and visibility with respect to queer people in public space. I had started thinking about organizing surrounding street harassment - how to make the streets safer for gender nonconforming people.

Both: From there, we brainstormed about how to put discussions about violence into the context of KiQ, since the show had previously explored more uplifting aspects of queer life. Our hope was to showcase the way that queer people can and do survive experiences with violence, rather than perpetuating narratives about queer people as always helpless and victimized. We initially issued a call for participants and Michael agreed to participate through that. From there, Jeff (Avery’s friend) agreed to participate, and since we felt that the episode would work best with three interviews, Avery agreed to share an interview as well.

Carrie: My hope for this episode is that it may prompt its viewers to appreciate the resiliency of the people who agreed to share their stories within it, and that it may also instigate deeper consideration about the broader implications of what Avery talks about regarding self determination.

Avery: I want the episode to help us to simultaneously hold seemingly conflicting narratives in our mind about queer people’s relationships to violence - on one hand, we have this idea about how queer people are always victims, but here we show how queer people also survive and are resilient - so that we can recognize the complexity of queer life and our relationships to violence.

(by Avery and Carrie)